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Rio de Janeiro
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More About ViolinoDoRio

Hi, I'm Rafael and music is my life!

Street Entertainment is my way of life, and I love to see the reaction music brings on people's life! It's wonderful to see all the positive impact music has, sometimes making somebody's day, and other times transforming someone's entire life (as is my case!)

Thanks for your support and all the love!
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Fun Stuff about the Artist

My Instrument

I love my violin!

It was made here in Rio, by a very young French Luthier.
He left his small town in France to study Violin Making in Canada, and then chose to live here in Rio.
Lucky me!

My violin is his 8th creation, and he was very generous, allowing me to give my simple old student violin as part of the deal.

I'm very thankful for that, and try to honor such bless!

Thanks for reading!

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