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Welcome to the StreetJelly community. It's your time to shine. Wait, that was cheesy. It's your time to out-Bieber Justin Bieber. To perform, you must first create your profile, then we'll talk more about how to use StreetJelly to build a fan base, make money, and maybe even get discovered.
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All About Tips, Tokens, and Rocker Pins

StreetJelly's tipping system is fairly straightforward: Musicians perform. Listeners buy virtual tokens and use them to tip musicians. Musicians graciously thank listeners for their generosity and cash in tokens for real money.

Each token is worth $0.16 to the musician.
Payments are made monthly when the artist has accumulated at least $50.
All Payments are made in US Dollars through PayPal.

Normal PayPal transfer fees and international conversion fees may apply. It's them, not us.

Musicians who spend a lot of time on the site building their fan bases can achieve a variety of awards, known as Rocker Pins. These awards distinguish the seasoned veterans from the newbs. They're not exactly Boy Scout merit badges, but they do show potential listeners that certain musicians know how to put on a good show.

If you want to thrive on StreetJelly, just remember the three Plays:

   Play hard. Play well. Play often.

And don't worry, friend, the tips and awards will soon follow.