StreetJelly is Online Busking and eConcerts
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Support the artists by tipping them for their performances with StreetJelly Virtual Tokens.
Up to 80% of the proceeds are sent directly to the musicians. All sales are final.
Give as many tokens as you like to as many artists as you like.
25 Virtual Tokens  25 Virtual Tokens
$9.95  7.95
$0.32 per token. 50.3% sent to the artists.
50 Virtual Tokens  50 Virtual Tokens 50 Virtual Tokens
$17.95  13.95
$0.28 per token. 57.3% sent to the artists.
100 Virtual Tokens  100 Virtual Tokens 100 Virtual Tokens 100 Virtual Tokens 100 Virtual Tokens
$29.95  23.95
$0.24 per token. 66.8% sent to the artists.
200 Virtual Tokens  200 Virtual Tokens  BEST VALUE!
$49.95  39.95
$0.20 per token. 80.1% sent to the artists.
500 Virtual Tokens  500 Virtual Tokens 500 Virtual Tokens 500 Virtual Tokens
$129.95  99.95
$0.20 per token. 80.0% sent to the artists.
1,000 Virtual Tokens  1,000 Virtual Tokens 1,000 Virtual Tokens 1,000 Virtual Tokens 1,000 Virtual Tokens 1,000 Virtual Tokens
$249.95  199.95
$0.20 per token. 80.0% sent to the artists.
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$3.95  1.95
One time purchase to remove all those pesky advertisements!
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Payout Percentage To Musicians
...average last 30 days
This is the percentage of cash paid to our musicians from token sales. It includes the ba-zillion of extra tokens we give away through promo-codes, contests, etc.!
In addition to that, StreetJelly also pays licensing fees to the songwriter associations (BMI, ASCAP, SESAC) which adds up to another 5% of our revenue.