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United States of America
Cape Cod, Ma
United States of America
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I'm Steve Lipman and I live in a place where 3 seasons are great. The 4th season is beginning to really suck. Here it is now the 23rd of March and we are expecting a Nor'Easter in two days ..."HELP ME!"

So, I love playing the Chromatic Harmonica. My style I guess would best be described as Jazz/Blues/Rock fusion. My musical influence are far too varied to mention, but they include. Antonio Carlos Jobim, The Beatles, Van Morrison, Ray Charles, Stevie W, Toots Theilsman, Carol King, Elton John, and on and on.

I spent the first 20 years of my harmonica exploration playing the blues harp. I was okay, and if I was still playing, I probably would have gotten better. However, after a while, I found it rather limiting to my range as an artist, so I picked up the chromatic harmonica (aka Mississippi Saxophone). After 35 years, I've nailed some stuff and other stuff I keep on practicing. As Miles Davis said, "There are no mistakes in music."

All for now and see your soon.....Stev
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Life on the Street

I traveled in a hobo train in the mid twenties, in the 30's I ran a speak easy, in the 40's I fell in love, In the 50's I was introduced to Elvis, In the 60's The Beatles, in the 70's got lost, in the 80's fund myself, in the 90's I rode the wild pony, at the turn of the century, readjusted, and now I finally here.

Embarrassing Moment

Way too embarrassing to share....

My Instrument

The chromatic harmonica speaks to me and sometimes I fortunate enough to speak to it. I've been trying to figure that out for the last 50 years or so.

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