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Byron Bay
  • Blues
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More About sheldon

I've been influenced by many diverse styles in my life - blues, reggae... the muppets. I like the unexpected. I like rhythm. I like cheese. What does this all mean? I write my songs. Some say they're for kids. I'm not sure. Adults like them too. Others think they're strange. What do they know? Probably more than me. ANyways I'm still going. I also perform with a korean man named sem who wears costumes and dances. Our FB page is below if you want to follow us.
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

I was once threatened by the Yakuza in Tokyo to stop busking in their territory.

Embarrassing Moment

We played at a rabbi's house to the elderley. We were wearing ridiculous costumes and playing insane songs. You can imagine the reaction! But we kept going. Yessssss

My Instrument

My first guitar i bought at an op shop. It was a kids guitar tuned up a 1/5th to A. I didn't know this at the time. I wrote my songs real high to fit the key, so high I had to change my voice into something closer to a muppet. Finally I bought a normal guitar so I have been able to drop my voice down. if you'd like to hear the muppet high pitched voice, my older songs are at

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