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United Kingdom
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I've been Playing and Teaching Music Professionally for nigh on 30 years, I have written my own music and had it preformed in in numerous locations by various Bands and Drama groups like The Royal Shakespeare Fringe Festival. I have worked in numerous famous entertainment venues. My wife Alison (Aliartist) and I are in business together teaching on line & in Devon in the UK. Mostly, we work at home in our home built studio. I specialize in Piano Keyboards Guitar /Bass we use our own innovative method of teaching that really seems to inspire and achieve results . We go out of the way to personalize our teaching regime to our pupils needs and have considerable experience with various special needs. I had two (nearly famous) Progressive Rock bands in the late 70's and throughout the 80's .

In my shows expect Beatles.especially McCartney/Wings ,10cc Eagles Elton John Joel Steely Dan Genesis Moody Blues Dan Fogelberg Beach Boys Bread America Sting JT,J Denver .D Mclean Jazz Std Show Tun
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My Instrument

After selling my trusty Yamaha 12 string to a second hand shop, 2 years later, I went into another shop in a different town and low and behold, saw my guitar and bought it back. I have it to this day... I have a Yamaha digital baby Grand, a Yamaha CVP303 and a beautiful top of the range Roland flagship Jupiter 80. Among numerous rack synths and other various guitars and gizmos that are really too many to name, this is my hoard/collection and it's all mine wha wha wha. As far as names go, my Texas Red Strat is called Nelly, I don't know why and my beautiful Manhattan Midnight Blue Gibson Les Paul goes by the name of Bluey, I have recently Fallen In Love with UK designed Faith acoustic guitars , I have A Wonderful Faith Trembesi Neptune 6string and a New Faith Venus 12 string . also a washburn EA25 called Craig after its designer. Also, just thought I'd mention that I collect Fender Telecasters, but don't tell the wife!
I love playing my Beatles violin Bass too.

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