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United States of America
United States of America
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No Bio, why? Someone suggest to the musician to fill out an interesting profile. We all want to learn more about them.

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My Instrument

i play a martin 1973 d-18,a classical,a guild 12 string and a fender strat,and a 414ce taylor

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Standing Ovation Pin Standing Ovation Pin
121 Awards
“Bravo, Bravo!”
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Love Song Pin Love Song Pin
11 Awards
“You made my heart sing.”
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DJ Pin DJ Pin
3 Awards
“Thanks for playing my song.”
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Rock God Pin Rock God Pin
5 Awards
“I bow to your Godliness.”
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Stay-at-Home Jammer Stay-at-Home Jammer
5 Awards
“On my couch, saving the world.”
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 Jellypalooza 2022 Pin Jellypalooza 2022 Pin
2 Awards
“Jellypalooza '22 - 10yrs”
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