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United Kingdom
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I was born at a very early age, then began to get older. At age 5 my wonderful father acquired an upright piano, I loved sitting under it, the smell of wood, brass and old varnish, pressing the pedals the sound of all the strings vibrating was magical. My brother had piano lessons, I never did, a lovey old lady a neighbor of Davy Jones from the band "The Monkees". I remember going there with my father to collect him after lessons, I think that must have sparked an interest in music.
My mother sings like Vera Lynn, there'll Be Bluebirds Over The White Cliffs of Dover; her father was a blue bird born 1946.
My Dad bought a classical guitar that I was not allowed to touch, it just called to me from the cupboard for many years, at age 13 I got a casio keyboard and learned some sharps and flats, but year later swapped it for a fender stratocaster, Mum was not happy as I didn't ask. Shortly after that my father decided to dust off the classical guitar and get some lessons at night school, I
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Embarrassing Moment

Playing guitar accompaniment at a school concert and the school head mistress started singing in a different key I tried to transpose on the fly but it didn't go well. A moment that maybe set me back 30 years?????

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Roland FP-10 piano

Faith Naked Venus electro Acoustic

Yamaha Pacifica 112v

Hokada 3164 Classical Guitar

Kala baritone Uku

Cigar Box Uku

Tenor Recorder


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Looper -BOSS RC-30 looper

Mixer -Yamaha AG03 USB

Mic -Shure PGA48

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