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United Kingdom
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I was born at a very early age, then began to get older. At age 5 my wonderful father acquired an upright piano, I loved sitting under it, the smell of wood, brass and old varnish, pressing the pedals the sound of all strings vibrating was magic. My brother had piano lessons ( I never did), with a lovey old lady a neighbor of Davy Jones (The Monkeys). I remember going there with my dad to collect him after lessons, I think that must have sparked an interest in music.
My mother sings like Vera Lynn, there'll Be Bluebirds Over The White Cliffs of Dover; her father was a blue bird 1946.
My Dad had a Spanish guitar that was out of bounds, it just called to me from the cupboard for years, but was out of reach.
Got a Casio keyboard for Christmas, and learned some sharps and flats, a year later swapped it for a stratocaster, Mum not happy (didn't ask).
At age 14, my dad decided to dust off the guitar and get some lessons at college and I used the books to start learning.
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Noise Makers

Faith Naked Venus electro Acoustic

Brunswick EAS40 semi acoustic

Yamaha FG300

Hokada 3164 Classical Guitar (Made in Japan)

Strat fender copy Hohner by Marlin.

Squire Fender, Folk

Cigar Box Uku

Noise distribution

Looper -BOSS RC-30

Mixer -Yamaha AG03 USB

Mic -Shure PGA48

Mic -Blue SnowBall

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