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ramblingdan | Psychedelic Jamericana!
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United States of America
Long Island
United States of America
  • Jam Band
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I am an americana guitarist and singer/ songwriter from Long Island, New York. I play a lot of Grateful Dead and jam band/ classic rock type stuff as well as some bluegrass and classic country folky type stuff... all with a psychedelic twist. I like to improvise and jam, so, you might see me using a looper, or I might be playing completely acoustic. Every set is bound to be different from all the others. Never perfect, but, unique and genuine. I say genuine because I play what I feel. That involves taking risks sometimes. It doesn't always come out the way I hear it. lol. I hope you enjoy the tunes and make me a favorite. I love the Grateful Dead and Jerry is a huge influence. So, if you do too, come say hello!
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