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United States of America
United States of America
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My name's Mark Van Ness and I started out playing the bass. Once I was at a friends house and he had a nice bass signed by some jazz guy so I asked if I could play it. So I did and his dad yells from somewhere in the house, "Sounds like someone knows how to play the bass!" This being the first time I had played one I decided that I should get a hold of a bass guitar. That Christmas my parents bought me a Squire P-bass. Which was very sweet of them but they didn't know that an electric bass needed an amp normally. Having an electric bass with no amp was no biggie and I'm happy for it because I was kinda forced into learning slap bass so I could hear the thing. I got an acoustic guitar the year I went off to college and started to learn to sing. now I know a ton of covers and have written a good number of my own songs and I hope you like them. Oh and the guitar I'm playing is built by me. I modeled it after a martin D28 and I love the way it sounds. No name for it yet :)
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Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

Once in SF a little girl brought me a dollar. It was a sweet moment.

Embarrassing Moment

Had Victor Wooten ask me why I would want him to sign my wallet a second time.

My Instrument

Let me tell you a little bit about my guitar. Top is Sitka spruce, back and sides are African rosewood bubinga, neck is mahogany, headstock veneer is Indian rosewood, truss rod cover is walnut, fretboard and bridge are Ebony. So my guitar will be made of 6 types of wood: Sitka spruce, African rosewood bubinga, mahogany, walnut, Indian rosewood and ebony.