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Life on the Street

I showed up in the byward market in ottawa, and a street vendor saw we walking about with my ukulele. he called me over and asked me to sing for him and his customers. so i did, and he took off his hat teling people to put money in for me. well he raised 30$ in just 1 song!! and it drew in quite the crowd. so much that up in the building next door, a man saw me through the window, and saw the crowd i drew in he just had to come and check it out. finally this man invites me into his radio station to perform live on his radio!! the technician was surprised! i was the 1st ever artist to have ever been invited at this radio station!!

Embarrassing Moment

i have too many to count. to be honest im constantly embarrassing myself.

My Instrument

well my first ukulele is hanging up on my wall, ducktaped, melted, rusted, missing strings, full of dirt.... yes she has traveled with me through many adventures!! i call her my magic wand. i've lost her over 5 times in a span of 2 months, and everysingle time she has come back to me. she really has a life of her own. and her coming back each time through many km in between. i knew it was a sign from the universe that i am meant to sing and play music for the Love & Healing of humanity.

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