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Hi! my name is Kristel Daene Brugada from the Philippines. I have always been singing and performing on stage in my younger years but haven't been able to perform for years now I've lost all that confidence and I've been in the dark since, with my mental issues it's just really hard! now I've decided to get back to do and try what I really love to do and singing makes me forget that dark sad place I've been dealing with for years now so I was really happy to have found street jelly where I can sing live trying to get back on track! and hopefully be really happy with life! So I Hope you Enjoy ! Thanks!

Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

I Haven't really tried performing on streets but would love to if given an opportunity .

Embarrassing Moment

Forgetting the lyrics while performing I did not stop singing but created my own lyrics lol didn't have enough time to memorize it 😅

My Instrument

I know how to play guitar but not that good .. and haven't really performed using it
so my instrument would be just my voice 🙂