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katznjam | coffee and a few tunes
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Thank you Streetjelly for giving me the chance to play and get a bit of feedback. .Played lead guitar for a yr in a little rock band, hid behind the rhythm player most gigs.. Best yr of my life..Now the band is gone, so I've taken up singing as well, sorry if I have any PeterBrady moments...
Tend to be painfully shy, so this is a great way for me to play a bit with a small audience. Usually just play for the cat and dogs these days.
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Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

We were having an impromptu gig in a park on a nice sunny day. After playing the last song I noticed a crowd with a few patients (in wheelchairs complete with oxygen tanks ) from the nearby hospital that had been listening, Perhaps Knocking on Heavens Door wasn't a good choice of songs after all.

Embarrassing Moment

Watch any given show, and you will find many. ..I think I may end up making song about this very topic.

My Instrument

No names...just like collecting, I have a soft spot for those old 60s ,Sears Roebuck guitars.... not worth much except sentimental value.

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