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I started playing guitar February 10, 1964, the day after the Beatles were on Ed Sullivan. From then until now, I've played dive bars up to big music festivals all over the southern United States. I grew up on the Allman Brothers. they actually played at my high school!

But what are my influences? Well... I gotta tell ya, when I was a teenager in the 1960s, me and my friends spent all day every day cursing around with the windows down playing the AM radio loud! We heard everything from the Allman Brothers and James Brown to eventually REM and the B52s. Along the way, Pink Floyd (up to Dark Side of the Moon, at least), Chick Correa, Count Basie, Frank Zappa, Yes, Tower of Power, War, Sly and the Family Stone... really if you even think you've heard it, I heard it!!

So these days, I love to sit and strum and let the music flow and see what comes tumbling out. If the spirit moves you, pull up a chair and we'll visit.
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Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

My band was booked on a yatch for a moonlight sail around Miami, FL. It was built in the 1920s and was unbelievably beautiful. Hardwoods everywhere. In the dead center of the "dance floor" was a polished brass pole. Let's just say it was a nice accident of boat building. We had a fantastic gig and on the way back to port, we went by a bunch of condos. We looked up and the balconies were full with people dancing and waving. WHAT A BLAST!

Embarrassing Moment

The lead singer for my band is about 6' 4". He was a jumper to boot. I booked a hotel gig one time and somewhat surprisingly for a hotel, the portable stage was already set up and ready. The only problem was that the room was maybe 9feet high so when the singer mounted up, his head just about hit the ceiling tiles.

My Instrument

My first real instrument was a Yamaha 200 acoustic, which I stripped and painted white. I called it the White Owl. I was stolen from the back of my car at a gig in Virginia. These days, I enjoy my Martin acoustic, which I call Martina (pretty common I bet), my Ibenez George Benson f-hole hollow body ($120 w/case in a pawn shop), a Strat Lotus knock off that I love ($5/garage sale) and a Strat that I built from a kit (very satisfactory). I also play a C6 lapsteel that I paid $10/garage sale.