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I wasn't expecting to be sat at home in my bedroom live streaming - the plan was for me to be on a river cruise ship as happened last year and the year before...until coronavirus put paid to that plan!

So instead of entertaining guests as we sail along the Rhine and Moselle, I am here. Expect the sort of music you would have heard had you been on board: standards - American and jazz, show tunes, a few popular classics and singer-songwriters especially Elton John and Billy Joel. I might even play one or two of mine if the mood is right.

Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

I gave up lessons after Grade 2 because I hated my teacher and wanted to learn the trombone instead.

A guest last season found out about this and told me I was the greatest Grade 2 piano player in the world.

I must put that on a T-shirt one day....

P.S. This is true - see below

Embarrassing Moment

Playing the Wombles theme tune at a concert hall to accompany a recorder big band and completely getting it wrong, stopping, standing up and apologising before starting again...

My Instrument

Piano - has saved my life

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