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heatherclareangelini | wild cat,singersongwriter
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United Kingdom
United Kingdom
  • Blues
  • House Concert
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english singersongwriter,actress,artist,dancer,model

Grew up in Nottingham England
Studied dance ,acting,singing from an early age,started to write own songs.
Performed in theatre,film,music and published music world wide.
inspired by ,love and pain,art and romance
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Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

Never performed on the street yet

Embarrassing Moment

Not had any yet,because even if i it does not work out to plan, its just the way it is, its a roller coaster, like life.,perfection is maybe what i strive for but unattainable

My Instrument

still got my first guitar,but my first instrument was a recorder then clarinet.I prefer the guitar