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Played in many different bands, with all kinds of music and loved everyone of them. Blues however is the style I've always loved most. BB King, Gary Moore and of course Eric Clapton are some of my favorite artists. But I also love the music of for example C,S,N & Y, America, Santana, Mink deVille, Eagles, Venice and many, many others. So as you can see, enough choice. The songs I play have the same variety, most of them easylistening music. I play them on an akoestic Ibanez guitar that I bought 45 years ago. Just plain guitar, no pedalboards or other equipment (yet) 🙂
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Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

Once we had to do a show outside in a giant open trailer, when it unexpectatly started to rain. It was also not more than 10 degrees Celcius, and the audiance was standing inside. One of the worst performances ever!!

Embarrassing Moment

That must have been when halfway the show our drummer fell from the stage, totally drunk. 😄

My Instrument

Performing with my band I play a PRS "Santana edition guitar. Performing on Streetjelly I play on a 35 years old Ibanez acoustic guitar.

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