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Fabio Santangelo Keytarman | Daring to play the Blues on Synths!
Fabio Santangelo Keytarman
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Vigevano, PV
  • Blues
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More About Fabio Santangelo Keytarman

Hello there! My name is Fabio Santangelo "Keytarman", because I like to play live with a Keytar (a keyboard held like a guitar).
I love to create my own original instrumentals, especially blues, jazz and rock, but not only. I always love to try new music genres and mix them up.
After studying piano for 3 years (I always say I am just 30% of a pianist!) I switched to my true love, electronic synthesizers. Since I was a kid I found synthesizers fascinating for their possibility of playing very different sounds. When I learnt the basics of piano I decided to quit and make my own Synthesizer technique. I grew up in Gospel choir in Italy. I have been working with some Italian Christian Artists and in 2011 I founded the Contemporary Christian Music duo "Dual Sound" together with the Singer A. Santoro. Worked also with other artists and made some Theatrical Soundtracks since 2015.
At the moment I just enjoy performing live here on SJ and release my own stuff.
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

Never been busking in the streets but had some live shows. Once I played at a wedding with a broken hand. The weds were scared but at the end I managed it!
I also had a concert with some other guys when we were in the Army. We had the permission of having a show for other soldiers. I played a song (Caruso by Lucio Dalla) only piano with the singer. At the end of the show a Captain came and said "Never heard something like this". One of my little pride moments!

Embarrassing Moment

I had a few experiences of live shows where the sound engineer simply wasn't there. It happened twice and the result was a disaster of course in both cases.

My Instrument

My very first keyboard was a Yamaha PSR 4600, back in 1993. After that I had nearly all Roland Keyboards: E-66, E-96, FP-1 (Piano), AX-09 and AX-Synth (Keytars), BK-3, Juno-Di and VP-7 (Vocal Synthesizer module). The other only non Roland synth I had was a Novation Mininova.
At the moment the setup is:

- Roland BK-3: used to create the backing tracks (drums/percussions, bass, guitar, piano and other riffs) and some solo instrument (especially piano/rhodes, some acou/elec guitars, hammonds, sax, solo brass, harmonica/accordions and orchestral strings, some ethnic sounds such as bagpipes). Also used for backing tracks playback during live

- Roland Juno-Di: used for most solo parts (acoustic and electric guitars, violin, cello, brass sections, all synth sounds, most ethnic sounds)

- Roland VP-7 paired with Zingyou BM-800 condenser microphone and driven via MIDI by the BK-3 Keyboard: used to create gospel, classic and gregorian choirs.

- Roland Ax-Synth: used for live

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