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Damon Bostrom
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United States of America
Light, Arizona
United States of America
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More About Damon Bostrom

I've made music all my life, even earning my Bachelor's in Music Theory. I experiment with live stream arrangements in different genera, improvisation..
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

I was singing a kinda edgy original song on the street in Bisbee, Arizona, when a couple of tough looking bikers got came around the corner and got right up in my face. The big one started waving a double sawbuck at me, so a grabbed it and said, "Yeah, what do you want to hear?"
He said, "Neil Young!".
Without even a minute's hesitation, I broke into "Down By the River", forte. By the second chorus, the two bikers and I had the corner rockin'!

Embarrassing Moment

It was my friend Mary's first semester as a high-school choir director, and I was her accompanist. For the big Christmas concert, the whole town showed up, she even invited the local Rotarian Choir to join the High School Choir for Handel's "Messiah". Than, in itself qualifies for an M.E.M award.
Anyway, the arrangement for "Silent Night" that she selected started with unaccompanied solo soprano, followed by soprano and flute duet, the soloist got her note from a pitch pipe. Guess what? She got a "C#" instead of a "C", so when the flute joined her... well let me just say, as a fan of modern and atonal music, it was both exquisite and quite painful

My Instrument

My primary instrument is the keyboard, but I play a little cello and guitar too these days.

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