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ellis-island | Craigafy
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United States of America
Albrightsville, PA
United States of America
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I am Craig Ellis and I have had my guitars in my hands for my entire life. Although I have laid down covers by Steely Dan, Sting, and many classic artists, my songs are not only written from my personal experiences, but yours as well. We all share similar passions and fears, joys and sorrows, and many songs written throughout the decades reflect just that. When wrapped in a blanket of cool color chords, infectious rhythm, and a message that is universal; you enter the musical world as I see it. Maybe you will as well. I tend to cross to blues, latin, pop, and ... Thanks for joining with me.

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I once played a gig when I was sick and had to take a form of penicillin to fight off the infection. Not aware of any allergic reaction to it, I took the medication an hour or so before a gig. Halfway through the first set, my hands began to itch.....and itch....and itch! I rubbed my hands together like a fly every chance I had. One of the longest nights I can remember.

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