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Hi there! I'm Electric Symphany. I just love music! When I'm on my guitar all else fades away. The best job in the world!
I had to make some tunes using only my electric guitar. So I hope you like a nice long guitar solo because that"s all I have for now.
Enjoy the show, I will do my best to get you away from this world for a while. Ben Ott.
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Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

I was busking in front of the liquor store, I guess music sounds better after 3 drinks? anyway. Ten bears came out of the woods and I played Crazy Train and they all blew up!

Embarrassing Moment

I had to clean up all the dead bear carcasses!

My Instrument

I call my guitar my Baby because if someone asks a question about it I always say "Yup that's my baby"