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Toronto, Ontario
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My name is Diane Simone, born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. Music makes me feel connected to my heart. I sometimes feel stressed when I'm out and about in the city, but music makes me forget everything that worries me. I was told I have a gift, and I want to share it. I was a pro singer for a number of years, but gave it up for the nine-five- I am now getting back into it- and after many years as a vocalist, I learned the guitar and started writing. These songs that I write are inspired by my life and the people that I have encountered. I would also like to think that they are for anyone who takes the time to visit me and my music. I used to busk live in the St. Lawrence Market in Toronto until COVID hit and shut it down. Music helped me get out of some really dark times, and I now want to share my heart with you
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Life on the Street

I was singing if I had a million dollars at the Market and thought it was a two dollar bill but ended up being a fifty dollar bill shaped as an origami crane- so cool!!!!

Embarrassing Moment

When we had our blues band, our guitarist was doing his solo and literally fell off the stage. We teased him about that for a very long time LOL

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