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United States of America
Catskill NY
United States of America
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Hi, I`m Chuck. I`ve been playing music for as long as I can remember. Born 63 years ago in NYC on the Brooklyn/Queens border. I started playing drums in local drum and bugle corps. I had an Aunt who gave me lessons on Piano and music reading. I joined the Navy at age 17 and brought my first guitar and lesson book from a JC Penny store near base. I`m pretty much self taught on guitar,but luckily over the years I meet some great musicians, who were very generous with their time to help me out. I play a wide range of stuff from the 60`s to the present. I have always loved artists who can entertain with just a guitar and their voice, so I tend to play a lot of Dylan, Young,etc. Thank You for stopping in and I hope you like what you hear.
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

Well, life on the streets was Wild, too say the least. Very rarely was there not a guitar with me. Unfortunately, in those days there was also large quantities of alcohol present also!!! (Happy to report I am clean and sober 30 yrs this July 2018) I`ve settled down a lot since those crazy (lost?) years. I live with my wife (The Lovely Sue) in the beautiful Catskill Mountains of upstate N.Y. Our property has several out buildings and I was able to convert a 20' X 60' building into my dream rehearsal studio.

Embarrassing Moment

I am just getting started on Street Jelly and have not done a full show. I am sure I will be able to fill in this area with a story, once I play a show or two.

My Instrument

My instrument, Oh my, If I have not scared you away with the above text, then I am sure this will. At present count I have 22 guitars A mix of electric and acoustic, some great, some good. . A few years ago I got a bug and decided I wanted to build electric guitars, so several are uniquely my own. Recently have been putting my efforts into playing keyboards. I have an old 80`s era Roland in the studio and a newer Roland here in the house for practice A few Casio style keyboard also. I was able to pick up an old 1900`s upright piano that I have refurbished and had tuned. I have a link on my FB page if your curious too see a piano with laser lights shooting out of it!! On other gear, I dont know where to begin, from vocal processors to a ton of guitar pedals. I love electronics, I built my own "looper" pedal to control all the pedals on the pedal board I built, thus avoiding the crazy stomp box dance attempting to chance settings. Electronic drums, stage lights, etc Yep, Gear junkie!!

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