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capodx2 | 6 strings and a vocal chord.
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United States of America
Silicon Valley, CA
United States of America
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More About capodx2

My first record purchase was Jerry Lee Lewis "Great Balls of Fire", but I was always attracted to Folk Music (Kingston Trio, Peter, Paul & Mary, Pete Seeger, etc.). To paraphrase James Taylor, "I survived the Folk Music scare of the 60's". My brother was a huge influence on me, and he was the "real" musician of the family. He picked up the banjo in 20 minutes, played Foggy Mountain Breakdown, at speed ~ I swear!
My goals are to have fun, and share my love of music. I have written a few tunes along the way, and I will share them. Thanks!
Craig Anderson (aka capodx2)
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

Not a "wild" moment perhaps, but I remember trying to perform once and a "friend" starting talking to me as though I could carry on a conversation and play at the same time! I did not know how to tell her that it could not be done, so I nodded a lot, and somehow made it through it. :-)

Embarrassing Moment

My most embarrassing moment was playing a gig (with a band) on a very small riser, sitting on a chair and falling off backwards as the back legs of the chair went off the back of the riser! I remember that second as though it took an hour, and my only thought going off the back was "gotta save my ax". Luckily I did, and with no real damage to me either. :-)

My Instrument

My most favorite instrument is the one I own now. It is a Santa Cruz OM, that I bought through eBay. When I was looking for it there were two available, and every time I asked a question of each of the sellers, the one guy kept lowering the price, so I decided to buy the other one. Glad I did, I have had some really good players offer to buy it, so I know I have a gem. After careful consideration, I have chosen to name it Sharron, one of the first people to hear me on SJ, and half of the duo Headin West(they are great - find them and enjoy). :-)

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