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More About ZaneRodrigues

Zane Rodrigues is a singer/songwriter highly influed by lyrically intensive music. I grew up listening to country classics like Buck Owens, Hank Williams, Don Williams etc and developed a taste for finely spun idiomatic expression in a song. Recent influences include John Mayer, Passenger, Gregory Alan Isakov, Cody Jinks, John Moreland and Don McLean.

I try to distill complex emotions into simple words and melodies in the hope that some of my songs will resonate with some of the 7.4 billion odd people on this planet.
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Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

I've played a lot in Goa, India. One memorable timeI had this guy walk up with a banjo and start jamming with me, It was an insane session. The man was a genius and we knew all he same songs and ended up performing together as a duo for a couple of weeks. :)

Embarrassing Moment

I once didn't realize that I was audible even when I leaned back from the mic and said something to my bandmate about a person in the audience who was being a jackass. The whole pub started laughing and the jackass was almost as embarrassed as I was!

My Instrument

I have several guitars that have been with me through thick and current favorite is a Yamaha LL116 that belongs to a friend. I call it LL Cool G. :D :D