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In the Garden of GoodWiLL:

1) (Welcome to the) Planet Earth
2) The Greatest Day of the Year
3) Declaration (of Dependence)
4) The Hour Before Sunset
5) Happy Bee Earth Day!
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Life on the Street

The Greatest Day of the Year

Halloween is the greatest day of the year
better than all the others combined
cause on that day the boundaries disappear
revealing all that's divine
when the children take to your street
all that really matters finally does
life is a game of trick or treat
what will be is what always was

alter-egos and superheroes
witches and wizards and saints
vampyres, werewolves, and frankensteins
in neon green and purple paints
in the spaces in-between
the places where we dream
are the faces and traces of
the latest and greatest Halloween

cause it's there where
life remains unchanged
where the future survives
and it's there where life will remain
for the rest of our lives

Embarrassing Moment

Desert World

lost in a desert world
not far away from here
a not-so-distant future world
that someday may appear
for the raping of the planet Earth
for the greed of today
with an unforgiving desert world
tomorrow's world will pay

across these ancient oceans
that have long since run dry
are scattered bleached white skeletons
of life thats long sinced died
but of what little memory
the earth does still possess
of the creature called humanity
the Earth will soon forget

for tonight . . .
i see forever . . .
at twice the speed of light . . . .
how could it be that all of this was once paradise?
how could it all cease to exist?
how could we let it die?

you say it's not your fault
you've got better things to do
than to think about this world
and what it means to you
future generations
when looking back this way
will curse you in your grave

where heaven and hell
do now coexist
prophecy tells
that only one will persist

My Instrument

The Hour Before Sunset

on a day with no sunshine
one of wind and clouds and rain
with no reason to go outside
there's no reason to remain

when all at once without a warning
before the day disappeared
in the hour before sunset
the sun finally appeared

there on the horizon
a kaleidoscopic flash a light
and right then there at that moment
everything became alright

in the blink of a lifetime
in a flash of consciousness
everything ever worth living for
had all come down to this

and it was just like magic
the way it played across the sky
and for all that was ever tragic
there ceased to be a reason why

in the blink of a lifetime
in a flash of consciousness
everything ever worth living for
had all come down to this

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