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stay tuned for the Goodbye to GoodWiLL Farewell Tour . . . . before leaving Tao was asked to share insights gleaned from life lived . . . . here so are songs glonged from the rhythm of the rotation and revolution of Earth

take note of that which can be called . . . . The Gaunlet of Sentience . . . . and ALL that that entails

take note of the Age of Convergence . . . . whereby the 4-corners and the many tribes of the Planet Earth are rejoined

take note that left versus right is really foward versus back is really progressive versus conservative is really gas versus break is really more in common than in difference

take note that conservative wins every battle BUT progressive wins every war

take note that the beginning of the end is only the end of the beginning
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Current high circulation songs:
- The Greatest Day of the Year!
- Welcome to the Planet Earth
- Never Better (Just like a Child)
- Do or Die!
- Declaration of Dependence
- One of These Days
- If
- Whtsup w/the Weather (Wait-a-While)
- Divine Absurdity
- Long Time Comin'
- The Simplest of Things
- All
- The Hour Before Sunset
- Aftermath
- Blues in Em

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