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Watzetzface | You ain't ever heard of me!
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United States of America
San Diego, California
United States of America
  • Blues
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More About Watzetzface

Hi, I am Watzetsface! No really, I am sorry, but at this point, I really do not feel comfortable giving my real name. In time, you may figure that out. If you do, then congrats, you are the top whatever in doing your homework when trying to figure out who someone is. Just know that my music is original, unless its a cover! Now, the reason I started doing that first is because my music is not ready for live performance.

Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

How I came up with the name really! Everyone just ignored me! So I thought "Oh, yeah, that's what's it's face!"

Embarrassing Moment

Embarrassing moment? It has been a long time since I have performed. My last performance was for my grandmothers funeral. It was the first time I ever cried on stage. . . I miss you grandma.

My Instrument

First Act got a new name the day I brought her home! I call her Heartbreaker, because she broke my fucking heart! Piece of shit guitar! I make do with it though! I don't have a nickname for my MIDI yet, but, it won't be long now!