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United States of America
United States of America
  • Folk
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WalmartIdol, singer, songwriter, musician comes to you all the way from Chicago, Illinois.
You will be charmed with Walmart's original acoustic style. Playing a variety of instruments such as guitar, Bass, drums and piano. Incorporating this great mix of instruments into each Live performance.
This musician creates each song with his own distinct original and unique style that charms his audiences. You will enjoy his personal touch of stories, humor and songs from his heart. A great mixed genre and repertoire from originals to favorite covers.
Influences are a wide range .
"Music runs through my veins as thick as my own blood. It is my passion to project what is in my heart through song." -WalmartIdol
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Fun Stuff about the Artist

My Instrument

Orangewood Mason Limited Edition
Martin DX12
Takamine GN51

Godin XTSA light burst
Goldie Homemade Midi Wallycastor

TC Helicon Acoustic Play Pedal
MXR EVH Phase Pedal
BOSS RC3 Looper with A/B switch
Beat Buddy with A/B Switch
Roland GR-55 Guitar Synth with GK-3 Pickup

Audio Tech Condensor Mic
Shure 57 Mic

SoundCraft 16 Channel wifi Mixer
TC Helicon MX200 effects rack
2 Channel BBS Sonic Maximizer
Behringer Ultracurve Pro EQ

PC running windows 10 with 55 inch Moniter

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Standing Ovation Pin Standing Ovation Pin
169 Awards
“Bravo, Bravo!”
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20 Awards
“You made my heart sing.”
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22 Awards
“Thanks for playing my song.”
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Rock God Pin Rock God Pin
17 Awards
“I bow to your Godliness.”
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Wedding Singer Pin Wedding Singer Pin
2 Awards
“You made this party not suck.”
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Jelly Jingle Pin Jelly Jingle Pin
21 Awards
Merry Christmas!
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Stay-at-Home Jammer Stay-at-Home Jammer
2 Awards
“On my couch, saving the world.”
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Music Goddess Pin Music Goddess Pin
1 Award
“Gratitude, Your Highness.”
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 Jellypalooza 2022 Pin Jellypalooza 2022 Pin
3 Awards
“Jellypalooza '22 - 10yrs”
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