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TrishKingMusic | Eclectic Flair Singer/Songwriter
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United States of America
Aroostook County, Maine
United States of America
  • Folk
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Who is Trish King Music ?
Trish King, born and raised in Northern Maine. I grew up with music in my heart and soul. I had a father who could pick up any instrument and play it and a mom who sang me to sleep~ I have three older sisters, each one listened and had different music preferences but to me it was all wonderful to listen to and I believe it broadened my taste for many different styles and genres of music. Fleetwood Mac and Linda Ronstadt stand out to me, even to this day.
I took piano lessons when very young but didn't pick up a guitar until I was 40 yrs old, as I did not have much time for music when raising my children. They are all grown now and I have taken some time for myself and music the last ten years. As they say "better late, than never!"
I'm mostly self taught and play from the heart of what feels good to me. I have written many songs and considered them pieces of my heart and soul ~
I hope you enjoy my array of music & become part of my music family!
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Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

I was doing a gig at a harvest supper event shortly after Tom Petty had died and I performed a cover of one of his song that I felt was inspirational to all... "I Won't Back Down" . This was an event held under a huge tent ...It was a very calm autumn evening, no wind or bad I was in the middle of performing the song...a chair that was up near the entrance of the tent....was blown down the length of the tent and centered itself in front of me! I just said hello Mr. Petty ...I hope I am doing your song justice! It was at that moment that I saw everyone's was a bizarre and yet wonderful sign to me...and the song played on~

Embarrassing Moment

I will have to think about this as there have been many moments of embarrassing events~!

My Instrument

I have many guitars and they have names based on their personalities~

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