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United States of America
Marlborough, NY
United States of America
  • Rock
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More About Triosity

Hi i'm Phil,

The "Triosity" display name (pronounced "tree-ah-city") comes from a band i was in (The Terrible Trio). I had a lotta fun in that band!...So i use references to it in many of my musical endeavors.

I'm mostly into progressive rock, folk, classic rock....and The Beatles. It was The Beatles and Ringo that inspired me to play drums. I've enjoyed performing in various rock bands for decades. Back in January 2013 i broke my right arm and couldn't play drums for a while. So i picked up my old Guild and started learning some songs on guitar. Today i have a bunch of tunes and the broken arm doesn't seem like it was such a bad thing after all. I have a repertoire that spans from Bob Dylan to Pink Floyd. Stop by for a listen....Bring yer buds!
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

I celebrate January 1 as "Broken Arm Day" (see bio).

Embarrassing Moment

Ever go for that first line in a song and your mind just goes blank?

My Instrument

Drums first and then guitar. I'm a drummer who plays some guitar.

Specifically, i have a black 5 piece Ludwig Classic Maple kit and a mix-and-match vintage Mapex Mars Pro kit (bought a piece at a time on ebay).
My guitars are a Taylor GS Mini and an old Gibson 00 that belonged to my Uncle Paul.

As with most drummers i have a collection of snare drums accumulated over the years in moments of weakness :) I think my favourite right now is a Ludwig LM402 which i've modded some.

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