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TheHawklander | singer/songwriter rock hawk wrangler
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United States of America
Trinidad, CO
United States of America
  • Rock
  • Vocal
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More About TheHawklander

The Hawklander started writing music at a young age, learned to play music in junior high school and even before. Originally, a saxophonist, even letting go of all sports activites once in high school to play for both Jazz bands (tenor saxophone) at Lockport High School in Illinois. As a guitarist, the Hawklander played in various alternative and hard rock bands, and even taught guitar lessons for 3 years at First Church of the Nazareth in Lemont, Illonois. Migrating to Colorado 8 years ago, the Hawklander heard the sounds and call of the rocky mountains, and many mountains all across Colorado ever since.

Some fun facts about the Hawklander and Hawklander Music...

Favorite Band: Black Sabbath
Favorite Instrument: Tenor Saxophone
Favorite hobby besides music: reading or hiking
Best Hawklander Song: "Voices"
Favorite Actor/Actress of all time: Gene Wilder
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

busking on commercial street in Trinidad, Colorado - the location of the first ever marijuana mini-mall in the US - a nice lady from Arizona here to buy weed gave me some fruit, water and a fiver - not much of a story, but it happened.