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The Exhaust Pipes | A steady stream of toxic fumes
The Exhaust Pipes
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United States of America
Toledo oh
United States of America
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I have loved the great rock n roll tunes since I was born. As a teen I hated the fact everyone liked shout by tears for fears not the Isley brothers. Did not have the emotional tools for that. Any money I've ever made went to attending any great artist touring. And buying a guitar and amps. I have no children, my woman left me, and I have little to nothing of value. This is all I have. This is all there is to me. except nieces W. Shane Higgins

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Life on the Street

a beautiful lady sensually tied a 10 dollar bill around my necklace

Embarrassing Moment

i have often hit a flat note while singing great backing tracks.
once my buddy didn't know that the only thing wrong with his amp was it wasn't turned on

My Instrument

I play a Gretsch that I call Pearl. She is pearl colored and she is a real gem and I love singing the song pearl by Flat and Scruggs on her

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