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Vancouver Island
  • House Concert
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Nearly three years of sitting in the audience…i thought it would be fun to make my way to the other side of the stage.
My journey there began when i was encouraged to pick up a guitar again after 30 plus years of allowing life to get in the way. Thank you to those special people and to all the wonderful people I’ve come to know as friends on Street Jelly.that have been so supportive, kind, and helpful.

Im neither a guitar player nor singer but i do what i can to try and put them together and hope my audience will have a great time and maybe sing along. The main thing is to enjoy matter what side of the stage you’re on.

Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

Turtles on the Street dont fare well.

Embarrassing Moment

Any time im on video will be embarrassing.. but i have a thick shell!

My Instrument

I play an acoustic Yamaha F310 with a Skyline Pickup.
I also have an electric 12 string Hagstrom Deluxe.

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“You made my heart sing.”
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“Thanks for playing my song.”
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“I bow to your Godliness.”
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“Here kid, buy yourself something.”
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Merry Christmas!
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