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More About T-Shot

Like to play whatever! Just hope to make some people happy on here. Love to all and stay safe! Stay at home actually! At least until all this is over! Peace!
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

Haven't perfomed on the streets too much, but when I have, everytime there is a video I'm hidden behind my keyboards. No more double board setup LOL!

Embarrassing Moment

I have messed up songs many a time, but I don't embarrass easy so I either get my way through it or make a joke. No big deal, most people don't notice unless they are musicians themselves.

My Instrument

My main board now is a Korg Kronos 88. I still have my first guitar, a Squire Stratocaster from 1986. My first synthesizer was a Roland, not sure what type, not one of the iconic ones. It blew up when I was trying to clean the insides. Obviously I should not have had it plugged in! That's a 17 year old brain at work for ya.. or not at work hahaha.

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