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I am the 8th of 8 children born in a French Canadian family.
I always could hear music in my head even when there wasn't. I used to pump water for the cows and make up songs.
When I was working in a factory when I was 23 I started writing down lyrics. I would sing the melody and record them.
I started making songs with friends back when I couldn't play any musical instrument and I couldn't compose the music. In 1990 I took a recording engineering course at Trebase institute in Toronto. In the 90's I took singing and piano at Music Professional Workshop in Montréal. During this time I also sang in the church choir..
In 1999 I started working at the Y and commuting from Glengarry everyday.
I lived there with my parents till 2008.
After my Mom passed away from cancer in 2013 I felt a terrible loss. My neice Sandy asked me to sing at her wedding accompaned by a pianist. The response was positive. I decided to buy a key board and though I was rusty I discovered Mom
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