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Hello My name Is Jean Stevenson Lillylave Aka StevenZik and i was born on the island of Mauritius. I was introduced to music at the age of 10 where i started with sum Piano then after a few years i fell in love into guitars and Rock Music where i started to focus on my guitar playing jamming thru some Guns N Roses/Nirvana/ Metalica/Pantera and many more as well as a few blues legend like Jimi hendrix. SRV Gary Moore etc. I have played from Live bands as a guitar player and backing up sum vocals for almost a decade in Resorts or any live shows to studio recording sessions as a musician arranger and sound engineer as well.My goal here is the share the love that feel thru music and to share it to the world and make u feel the same love and happiness thru my Live expression.
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Fun Stuff about the Artist

Embarrassing Moment

One of my most embarassing moment in my music life is the day i was in 5 star resort outdoor venue playing and singing a cover version of ( in my place -coldplay ) and the drummer Will Champion was just standing in front of me along with his wife and kids swinging around the band .

My Instrument

I struggled very hard to get my first electric guitar it had no name but later in the way i gifted it to one of my guitar students who couldnt afford an electric one.