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SopranoSister | Hippie rocker keeping the '60s and '70s alive
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Etobicoke, ON
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More About SopranoSister

Karen Elstone, otherwise known as SopranoSister, grew up in west Toronto with a love for all things rock. While the classic rock hits played on the radio and vinyl, she dreamed of being a rock star. She did not pursue her dream until a bit later in life. She went back to school to study vocal music at both Humber College and York University, where she earned an Honours Degree in Classical Voice. But rock and roll continues to be her real love. She is also influenced by the blues and folk. Inspirational musicians include Sarah McLachlan, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Heart, Janis Joplin, Sheryl Crow, Alanis Morissette and The Pretenders.

Karen writes her own material, with past help from Bill Conlon (lead guitar, "Danger," "Music Is My High"), Mike Rafton (lead guitar, "Lost Then Found" & "Fantasy") and Michael Ratt (bass guitar, "Cleanse Me," "Fantasy" & "Danger"). Karen is mainly involved in music for the joy performing gives her. She would love to help others realize their talents.
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

I have performed on the street, but have yet to experience wild moments...will keep y'all posted! :)

Embarrassing Moment

I first started attending open mic events, back around 2000. At one event I was so nervous, I totally blanked out on the words. I got less nervous the more I got up on a stage.

My Instrument

The first instruments I ever had were the ukelele and the recorder in public school. I'm not sure which one came first. Later, my Dad bought me a no-name guitar from a catalogue store, which I later sold at a rummage sale. I got a better Norman guitar which I fell in love with. I took it on camping trips. I sold that when I upgraded to one with an electric pick-up. I stayed with the Godin line, as they are excellent crafted Canadian guitars. I have 2 acoustics, both Seagull Seagull Artists (Mahogany and Spruce tops). My favourite instrument is the guitar.

As far as electric guitars go, I also have a Fender American Stratocaster. That is all I need! Although, I would like to get a drum kit when I have more room! :) I currently have a practice pad, hi-hats, a ride and crash cymbals, a tambourine and a djembe drum. Oh, I can't forget my collection of harmonicas! I may even get a bass guitar.

I haven't named any of my instruments yet. Maybe I should :)

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