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Simplicity | Just Love Expression
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United States of America
Nashville, TN
United States of America
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I was born and raised in a small town in the Midwest. Grew up my entire life with a certain expectation of who I was "supposed" to be, and always struggled to find my true self. I was covering up my insecurity with toughness and arrogance. Upon leaving for college, and quickly realizing how big the world really is, I was humbled. I no longer had my last name to carry around with me, which allowed me to truly discover MYSELF.

Now, I'm endlessly searching for the things in life worth appreciating. Music is one of those things - expression in it's truest form. My intentions in performing are not to self-promote, show-off, or try to be better than someone; it's rather to reach out and connect with someone who is having just as much trouble as I am in finding the right words to explain the way we are feeling - and it's only through a certain feel, song, or melody where that emotion is conveyed (whether it be happy, broken, angry, etc.) Chat to me about anything, I'm here to serve.

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Embarrassing Moment

It was during a farewell show with a band I was previously in. Being that it was our last show, we celebrated a little bit more than usual. With the liquid courage pumping through my veins, I asked my older sister (who is a wonderful singer, yet afraid of large crowds) to come up and sing a song with me. "Oh yeah sis I've played the song a few times, who cares if we haven't rehearsed I got it." Place was packed full with everyone hootin and hollerin. Song begins and we're off! Hallelujah in the style of Jeff Buckley (with some of sir Jack Daniels in the list of influences), oh yeah really feeling this one man, let's get it going! Ohh wait..huh..why are you telling me to stop halfway into the verse? Ohh the KEY, that's right you are a female aren't you? Well transposing was gone 4 shots ago so let me just tiptoe (why do we always tiptoe in this case?) over to my bag and grab my Capo..DOH! Way to work with her stage-fright issue Jackass.

Call it her 30 seconds of fame..literally

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