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Sean Hully | One-Man-Banding
Sean Hully
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Peterborough, Ontario
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More About Sean Hully

Sean Hully is a multi-instrumentalist with a diverse experience of performing. He has three music degrees with specialities in composition, jazz, and classical saxophone.

Highlights include performing on cruise ships, with tribute bands, and in pit orchestras for musical theatre.

Sean uses a loop pedal when playing solo so he can include his woodwind instruments. The electric nylon string guitar is the bedrock of his sound because he finds that it blends well with folk, pop, classical, and jazz traditions.
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

I was busking on my sax in Toronto and a street guy came up behind me. He kind of scared me. He said I should be aware of everything going on because anything can happen to anybody on the street.

Embarrassing Moment

I was in a Billy Joel tribute band for a while and I had to play the harmonica part on "Piano Man" at a show in Montreal. I didn't have any lights on me, so when I blew into the harmonica it was upside down. After a few notes I flipped it around, but oh boy...

My Instrument

My first instrument was a child size guitar. I have it hanging up outside my studio entranceway. Update: it's since been stolen. :(

I still use my first electric guitar that I bought in 1985. It's the only one I've ever owned. I've been a sax player most of my professional life.

Now I use a Godin Multiac guitar, a Selmer flute, a Boomerang Looper, a Beatbuddy and a Paul Mauriat soprano sax.

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