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RosemaryTeal | from Teal Fish Studio
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United States of America

United States of America
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More About RosemaryTeal

Hi! I'm Rosemary.

I have a passion for singing, playing guitar, writing songs, and making music in general. It's something that can move and soothe the soul like nothing else. I also love making art, design, and photography.

I'm working on being confident in performing my own original music, so thank you for taking the time to listen! I hope you enjoy it!
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

I love performing at live band karaoke where you can sing along to cover songs with a whole band behind you. It feels like you're in the band for a brief moment. I really love living in that little fantasy and escaping the boring everyday, even just for a little while.

Embarrassing Moment

My most embarrassing moment was while singing in an auditorium full of people. I had massive stage fright at the time and my upper lip quivered into an Elvis-like shake while singing. I don't think anyone noticed, but I was mortified.

My Instrument

I still have my first guitar, it's something I could never let go of. It's not used much anymore, but it's hanging up on my wall.

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