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Ronnie_LeBlanc | Songwriter to the core
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New Richmond, Quebec
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More About Ronnie_LeBlanc

Welcome! And thank you for stopping by! My name is Ronnie Leblanc and here's a little something about who I am... I have been writing songs since 6 years old. I write in many styles and each song I have written is in a different genre of music. I write anything from Folk to metal. I love it all! My dream is to just be heard and hopefully gain support so I can continue doing what I was born to do. My songs are about my life. Loss, love, hurt and truth. I know I am not alone. There are others who feel what I sing. I hope to find you, and really I hope folks like what they hear. Peace! And thanks again!

Just some of my influences:
Any music from midivil times up to the 90's really. Love Pink Floyd, Metallica, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Randy Travis, Damien Rice, Nirvana, Queen, Tragically hip, Aerosmith, Toto, Slayer, SOAD, Megadeth, Police, David Bowie, Eric Clapton, Crash test dummies, Cranberries, Disturbed. too many to name them all! Anything that makes me cry.
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

The funniest story I feel was kinda more about my soulmate. She came to my bands shows religiously every time I played in her vicinity. Well, we never ever hooked up in the 15 years we knew each other. We remained great friends for all those years. It wasn't until we both found ourselves single that we decided to see if we were meant to be. It just so happens that we were soulmates! We immediately started our life together and we now have an 11 year old son who has given me so much joy and I worship the very ground he walks on. Anyhow, On the first night we spent together we sat talking all night about anything and everything. Somehow I mentioned something about how my guitar is destroying my shoulder from being too heavy. She asked in a lower voice... "You play guitar!?...

I played in front of her every show with a guitar. She said she was only looking into my eyes every time...

Embarrassing Moment

I waited all day to meet the band "The Tea Party" after we opened for them. I drank a few too many drinks and by the time I met them I had already peed myself. I still met them but not in my most glamorous appearance! I immediatly stopped drinking after that. Still sober going on 20 years. Thank you Tea Party! lol!

My Instrument

I have been playing a custom Ovation Guitar (The "Adamas" Series) since 1996. I wrote every song on this guitar since then. When my mother was taken by cancer I named my guitar after her. Her name is Stella. And yes she was stellar...