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United Kingdom
United Kingdom
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HI i am Robert Shingler alias ( Rob the Gob ) and i have music in my soul. I am 75 years young and from a very early age have been an exhibitionist. Following my dear departed mother who was always singing, albeit not necessarily the right words to the right songs bless her heart, in my teens always jamming air guitar ( Broom Handle ) in front of the mirror to Del Shannon, Roy Orbison etc.
Having played Lead singer in a couple of bands, now busking and playing solo in various venues and apart from performing covers, performing self-compositions.
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Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

I don`t know about wild, just a backhanded compliment " Had you used to be somebody famous".

Embarrassing Moment

Like falling off the stage!

My Instrument

I bought my first guitar from a junk shop, the action was so bad i couldn`t play it after 15 minutes. I now have had the same guitar for the last 50 years and a lovely girl she is too.