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Roadside Cross | Original Songs of Life, Love, and Restoration
Roadside Cross
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United States of America
Louisville, KY
United States of America
  • Rock
  • Christian
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More About Roadside Cross

I'm Greg Brasel, a songwriter, street musician, and producer, writing gritty but catchy music that is raw and uplifting.

Growing up I was called a gifted musician, but due to finances I turned down music school to be an engineer. Twenty years later I was a successful entrepreneur, but a personal disaster-struggling with depression, addiction, and suicidal thoughts.

But Christian rock music had a healing effect on my life, allowing me to see God’s truth and purpose free from the trappings and politics of established religion. I hope you enjoy and take away something as I open up a view into my musical journey of growth.

Besides busking, I coordinate music for ministries and record and perform with my friends here in the bluegrass region. I ran a project recording studio in St. Louis, installed sound systems, trained worship teams, and run live sound for churches, bands, and events from Six Flags over St. Louis to the Harvest Call festival on Louisville's waterfront.
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

What’s so cool about live performance is it’s true music; you can’t hide behind someone else’s doctrine, interpretations, and feelings. To me, busking is the ultimate in making music. Just throw yourself out there, with no rules of engagement and no choice but to be authentic.

And, ya know, like make music.

A roadside cross marks the life of a person yet unmistakably points to something greater. I know only a few people at a time get to hear my music, but even if one person can see themselves in my songwriting and find that God always loves them no matter what, well it was worth it.

You are not what you did; God is there with you to see you through and work all things for your good.

Embarrassing Moment

Aaaahh This has stuck with me forever! I have to go all the way back to grade school. You might say that I become attached to my instruments...

I started out playing the tuba. In the 5th grade, sitting in the band and being bored stupid while the director worked with the flutes or something, I mindlessly was sticking my fingers into various nooks and crannies of my instrument (and there are a lot on a tuba). Somehow I managed to get my finger through and stuck in this ring where you'd attach a carrying strap. And it WOULD NOT COME OUT.

After embarrassing "rescue attempts" from the director, the school nurse, various kids and teachers - and yes, the fire department - the janitor lubed my finger up with some grease and yanked my finger from the brass ring.

From then on I was known as "the kid who got his finger stuck in the tuba"!

My Instrument

My bass is a Warwick Corvette Std Fretless 4-String Bubinga in natural finish. Simply amazingly warm, deep, growly, and mmwhaah on the top end. Incredible.

My acoustic for busking especially when I travel is a Traveler Ultra-Light Maple, an absolutely indestructible piece of enabling technology.

For recording and performing I have a 40 year-old Martin D-28 Dreadnought. Thanks to TLC this sweet baby is in top shape, and would never, ever, dare to insult its pedigree and disappoint its owner - nothing but bold mids, plenty of bottom and mellow highs.

Feelings - my first bass - A red Epiphone I bought with newspaper route money. Forever attached to thoughts of my first crush and first heartbreak, as well as my first paying gig, and the best drummer I've ever played with up in Rochester, NY.

I love my wife's guitar, an authentic, hippy 1970-ish Gibson B-25. Love to play it and imagine sitting around a campfire in the mountains singing songs about love, nature, and freedom.

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  •  “The Healing Set II“
  •  “Worship Mashup“
  •  “The Peace Set“
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