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RC_PICKENS | Corporate Entertainer-R.C.Pickens
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United States of America
Las Vegas, NV
United States of America
  • Country
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R C Pickens performs in Las Vegas, at Corporate events and Private functions. His show is fully self-contained and suitable for small to mid-size events. RC's favorite venue is streetjelly as it provides a platform for him tor him to see how the audience will re-act. And for potiential clients to see what they are booking.RC is currently is seeking sponsors to help him get to the next level Those intrested can contact:

And to the Fans, Keep coming and invite others to com, RC loves to engage with the audience and have a good time

And, RC Thanks everyone for thier support, the tips, Awards and making him an 11-time fan favorite.Check-out RC's original songs on, he's always on the chart in the top 10 or 20
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

Being a professional stagehend and performer, I built everything for this show, not only for how I wanted to look and sound, but, with the audience in mind. I want it to be entertaing and fun, and to take the energy form the stage out into the audience and get them as excited as I am. it's my job to create special musical moments that trigger the many memories of our lives that music was and is so much a part of. it's not about the entertainer, but, the experience they create for the audience.

To book RC for an event contact: or

My Instrument

I use 3 guitars in my show a fender strat, ovation acoustic 6 string, and a takemine 12 string acoustic. I also have upgraded everything including sound, lighting and video and have had all new wardrobe.

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