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IndigCountry (Mal)
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More About IndigCountry (Mal)

I grew up in the country and love everything about it and I drift from town to town wherever the music takes me.

It's funny how life's twists and turns happen, but I guess your destiny to do something is always there, it just sometimes takes a little longer to discover.

I sing many genres of music from rock n roll, ballads, old time, crooning, dancey stuff, but I have to say my first love is country music. I particularly loved the songs of George Strait, Toby Keith, Alan Jackson, Travis Tritt, Randy Travis, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Brad Paisley, Kenny Chesney, Charlie Rich, Charlie Pride, Hank Williams, Slim Dusty, Smokey Dawson and the list goes on and on.

I also do some originals, which I'll throw a dash of in each set, let me know if you like em and I'll keep trying to do more.

The way I try and decipher a great country song is when within those first 5 seconds the song "GRABS" me, then I know I have to sing it, or record it.

I hope you enjoy.

Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

I really enjoy it when something out of the ordinary happens, like when a group of special needs people walking by randomly just start dancing and singing, or you turn someones face Red from embarrassment asking them to dance, or when someone tells you that they just sent a video of me singing to their elderly mum or dad and they it made them smile.

Embarrassing Moment

I went to sing and nothing come out except a squeek, I had a drink and still nothing then from nowhere a blast and away we went... I thought that was the day my voice had ceased to be, but there was still some left in the tank.

My Instrument

I have several guitars, but my favorites are my Martin and Japanese Custom Shop Fender Acoustic and custom electric guitars that were played by my uncles in their bands (I tell everyone I don't play them much, because I don't want to teach them bad habits, as my uncle was a tremendous guitarist).

I also have 2 ukelele's, 3 mandolin's, bass guitar, 3 didgeridoos, a didgeribone and 2 keyboards.

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