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After a professional career in education, I returned to my hobbies - music and painting. Playing from an early age, I welcomed my old days with the same love for songs. As a young man, I fell in love with the philosophy of freedom, brotherhood and understanding among people, as well as the songs that talk about it.
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Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

I decorate my guitars with floral motifs, and I have many. They are tuned differently, and they are all around me. And behind me are the paintings I sell. An elderly lady came up, picked up one of the guitars and said, "I like it, but I don't know what wall to hang it on."

Embarrassing Moment

I ate grapes once, and a bee stung my finger a few hours before the gig. Since I often entertain the audience with jokes and stories, I did not delay the performance. When I returned home, my wife asked me anxiously, "How many songs did you manage to play with that finger?" Two or three, I said, then I started a story, and it took me to the next one and so on through the whole gig. My wife told me that I should change the poster that says I perform music

My Instrument

I use guitars as a canvas for floral motifs, but on my first I painted a wall of multicolored brick, in honor of the Pink Floyd album.

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