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Qualicum Beach BC
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HI there I am Peter Mason and I am as old as my Tongue and a Little Bit older than my teeth and I play a variety of music that you be sure to enjoy.

I start playing the Streetjelly when I discovered this wonderful site during the world crisis and the Restaurant I been playing at for the last 10 years just down the Road had to close.

I will be playing with Dagmar and Lexia sometimes or may be all the time

Thanks to everyone whom tunes in -peace
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

While Busking at the Denman Island Ferry terminal I was tipped Wine and Food since they had no cash but had Wine and Food I said thank you. So we Open the Wine and shared it then we ate and I played some Grateful Dead since they had Dancing Teddy Bears on there packs they twirled

Embarrassing Moment

None - that I know of

My Instrument

1971 Guild D25 (bought in 1971)
Gold Tone Banjguitar
Kala Uke
A new yeti USB Mic hope it improves the sound

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