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Qualicum Bay BC
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More About PeterMason-RuralGuy

HI there I am Peter Mason and I am as old as my Tongue and a Little Bit older than my teeth and I play a variety of music that you be sure to enjoy.

I start playing the Streetjelly when I discovered this wonderful site during the world crisis and the Restaurant I been playing at for the last 10 years just down the Road had to close.

All the Tips will be donated to local charities and others

Thanks to everyone whom tunes in -peace
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

While Busking at the Denman Island Ferry terminal I was tipped Wine and Food since they had no cash but had Wine and Food I said thank you. So we Open the Wine and shared it then we ate and I played some Grateful Dead since they had Dancing Teddy Bears on there packs they twirled

Embarrassing Moment

None - that I know of

My Instrument

1971 Guild D25 (bought in 1971)
Gold Tone Banjguitar
Kala Uke
A new yeti USB Mic hope it improves the sound

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