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Paul Crawford | I Play Covers & Have A Blast Doing It!
Paul Crawford
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Milton, Ontario
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More About Paul Crawford

I love music. I'm a professional DJ and MC, that's my "day job".
As part of the DJ biz Karaoke came in to "the mix" and I learned how to sing a few songs.

Eventually one day something clicked and I decided it was time to learn in instrument...
That was 5+ years ago, I picked up the guitar.
I play chords and sing, and once and awhile I bust out a riff!
Performing here is loads of fun, the community is awesome. I have met so many cool people here, music lovers and musicians alike.

If you'd like to learn more about me please visit my website:
I would love to connect with you. Social media links below.

Thanks for reading and listening. Cheers!

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