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ParaAnsar aka Peterdutch | Music lover
ParaAnsar aka Peterdutch
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Playing for fun and cause i love music. Love all kind of styles in music.
Grew up with country music. Although country music is my first love, i love to play all sorts of styles.
I am a sucker for ballads :-)

To name just a few artists who influenced my style of playing and singing
Russel Smith and the Amazing Rhythm Aces
The Eagles
Merle Haggard, Willy Nelson and other Outlaws
Eric Clapton in his early years
Vince Gill
Carlos Santana
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Embarrassing Moment

Too many :)

My Instrument

My first instrument was a six string accoustic guitar with only 3 strings. Played on 3 strings for quite a while. That's why i can dream the blues scales.
Can't remember what happened to that guitar.
Right now i use an accoustic Harley Benton guitar, a USA Fender stratocaster, a modern player telecaster, a fender japanese telecaster, a Harley Benton telecaster and a Line 6 Firehawk floorboard.
These are all wired on a Soundcraft UI 12 digital Mixer.

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