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Mukekinho | guitarrist covers most of the classics
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More About Mukekinho

I normally play in Albufeira Tunnel but nowadays due to the new pandemic situation I have to try to reach people in diferent places!
I cover a lots of oldies, a lot of rock, all on my guitar, all instrumental and no singing!
My singing voice would make you run away haha
But I hope you like my guitar performances though!
I'm heavily influenced by Gary Moore, my favourite styles are blues and pop-rock like Dire Straits, Queen, Pink Floyd, Eric Clapton....
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Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

Once I was simply playing where I usually play and this man came with a paper bag full of coins and bills... And he told that his child enjoyed so much my music that he just started dancing, resuting in people giving him loads of money that he collected in a paper bag and gave me!

Embarrassing Moment

My only music experience in front of audiences is really on the street

My Instrument

I haven't named any instrument
And I like all of my guitar in the same way but I feel most comfortable on my Strats!